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We at Algosaibi Travel take pride not only in being of service to the nation over the past fifty years, but that we have through the decades, consistently shown our commitment and dedication to our customers and the travel industry. 

As pioneers in the field of Travel Related Services in Bahrain, we have been witness to the gradual increase in the awareness and expectation levels of our customers. We firmly believe that these rising levels of expectation will constitute the biggest long term challenge for all service business in the region. We also believe that success will belong to businesses that accurately interpret and predict these constantly changing customer preferences.

Our new Corporate Identity concept and its application to our facilities are a result of a sound process of research and analysis. It is an expression of our insight into the future. It presents our commitment to growth through careful effort to surpass customer expectations.

As one of the leading travel agencies in Bahrain, Algosaibi Travel is proud to be an ambassador to this Island of Golden Smiles.

With its team of experienced Tour Specialists on hand to meet each client's preference and budget, algoholidays

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